How to find parasolid version of NX?


What Geometric Modeling Kernel does “NX” use?

NX uses “Parasolid” kernel owned by Siemens PLM Software.
A part created in a higher version of NX can not be opened in lower version of NX.
So to open a part in the lower version of NX, one can use the Parasolid format.

How to find parasolid version of NX?

Following are some ways by which ‘Parasolid’ information can be found.

From System Information

  1. File > Help > About NX
  2. Click on button ‘System Information’
NX System Information – Parasolid Version

From Export Parasolid dialog

  1. Open a part.
  2. File > Export > Parasolid
  3. In the dialog ‘Export Parasolid’ click on the version dropdown arrow, it will list ‘Parasolid version – NX version’ from current version to previous version of NX/UgNX/Ug.
NX Parasolid Version – Parasolid Export Dialog

From System Log File

File > Help > Log File

In log file search for ‘Parasolid Version’. Result will highlight one of the line having parasolid details.

Parasolid version 29.1 build 224 on 19:45:03 04-02-2017 

Note: ‘System Information’ and ‘Log File’ can also be accessed from Gateway application whereas ‘Export Parasolid’ dialog can be accessed from Modeling/Sheet Metal application.

NX Parasolid version table

Following table lists the parasolid versions for the different releases of NX.

NX/UGNX/Unigraphics versionParsolid Version
NX 184731
NX 1230
NX 1128
NX 1027
NX 926
NX 8.525
NX 824
NX 7.522.1
NX 722
NX 619
NX 518
NX 417
NX 316
Unigraphics NX 215
Unigraphics NX 114
Unigraphics 1813
Unigraphics 1712
Unigraphics 1611
Unigraphics 1510
Unigraphics 149.1
Unigraphics 139
Unigraphics 128
Unigraphics 11.17.1
Unigraphics 117
How to find parasolid version of NX?
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