How to turn Off Product Excellence Program?

Product Excellence Program

What is NX ‘Product Excellence Program’?

The Product Excellence Program was introduced in NX 11.0.1.

Basically, this program collects data that how NX is being used right from installation to what commands, features and how they will be used.

The user will have a choice whether to participate in or not. It is enabled by default.

When NX is (NX 11.0.1 and higher version) installed first time on any machine, then a message dialog is displayed at the NX startup to the user about this program and participation. Thereafter message will not be displayed on same machine again.

NX Product Excellence Program – Start Dialog

How to turn off (disable) NX product excellence program?

The ‘Product Excellence Program’ setting is controlled through the customer default settings.

Go to
File > Utilities > Customer Defaults
Gateway > General > Miscellaneous tab > Product Excellence Program

There are two options:
Participate – Enabling this option will collect and send data to SPLM.

Display Initial Startup Message – Enabling this option will display an information message at the first NX session. Later independent of this setting, there will be no information message displayed.

NX Customer Default Setting – Product Excellence Program
How to turn Off Product Excellence Program?
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