Save Changes Reminder (Autosave)

Save Changes Reminder (Autosave)

In NX, there is no ‘Autosave’ option or functionality available. However, there is a customer default setting available as ‘Save Changes Reminder’ which displays a reminder dialog to the user at specified intervals of time.

Customer Default Setting for Save Changes Reminder

This customer default setting was introduced in NX 4. To find this setting, Go to
File > Utilities > Customer Defaults > Gateway > General > Part tab > Interval for Save Changes Reminder

NX - Interval for Save Changes Reminder

You can set the interval between 0 to 120 minutes to display the reminder. By default it is set to 0 (zero) means that the reminder is disabled.

If you set time to 5 minutes, then a reminder will be displayed in new NX session after 5 minutes from the last save. To disable reminder, set the interval time to 0 (zero) minutes again.

Save Changes Reminder

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