Save Changes Reminder (Autosave)

In NX, there is no ‘Auto Save’ option or functionality available. However there is a customer default setting available as “Interval for Save Changes Reminder” which displays a reminder dialog to the user at specified interval of time.


This customer default setting was introduced in NX 4.

From NX, it can be found by path

File > Utilities > Customer Defaults > Gateway > General > Part tab > Interval for Save Changes Reminder.

You can set the interval between 0 to 120 minutes to display the reminder. By default it is set to 0 (zero) means that the reminder is disabled.


If you set time to 5 minutes then reminder will be displayed in new NX session after 5 minutes from the last save as shown in the following image.

To disable reminder, set interval time to 0 (zero) minutes again.

Save Changes Reminder (Autosave)
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